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English Center for Management Studies & Consultancy
The Right Choice for your Organization

Welcome to ECMC, the English Center for Management Studies & Consultancy


ECMC was established in 2007 by Trainer & Consultant Eisa Salim Al Qaydi in order to provide management training and consultancy to organisations all over the United Arab Emirates & the Middle East.

We strive to provide the highest level of training and consultancy, providing highly qualified, certified and experienced trainers in the many levels of quality services required in applying the latest quality tools.

We observe and understand the need for management development in this region and our vision and mission was developed to help improve business organisations throughout the region.

Why Choose Us


At the English Center for Management Studies & Consultancy we strongly believe that the one who takes a single step toward change will take a step closer to success.

We aim to provide our clients with the highest and most sophisticated level of quality management facilities and quality assurance tools, such as ISO 9001,14001, 18001 Six Sigma, EFQM, CRS, RADAR, CRM, STRATEGIC PLANNINGand Balanced Score card, particularly focusing on organizations in this region that have not been introduced to the key elements that are vital for success.

ECMC is one of the only organizations with experience in both Government and Private Sectors in the UAE where we also focus on developing Governmental employees to achieve their ultimate goals, utilizing our vast experience in the UAE field along with full knowledge and comprehension of local values, ethics and culture.

“The desire for change and improvement reflects passion for progress. At ECMC we believe quality is continuous improvement”.


OUR VISION img To be the superior organization in the UAE and Middle East for providing management services.

OUR MISSION img To provide the highest standard of management facilities, such as consultancy, auditing and training, to all Governmental and Private Sectors within the UAE and other Middle Eastern countries.

OUR OBJECTIVES img * Help organizations to develop and implement the Quality Management standard system.
* Train and improve Human Resource skills and competencies.
* Assist organizations to optimize their productivity.